We are independent, neutral and rigorous, so we can offer the best options to achieve maximum REAL recyclability of packaging.

We offer a professional advice service on improving the recyclability and eco-design of packaging and products, based on our extensive experience in waste management and packaging eco-design. We consider it of vital importance to know in detail the recycling processes and waste treatments actually applied for each product, so that the recommendations and measures adopted result in a real improvement in sustainability.

Thanks to our experience and knowledge, and to the close collaboration with managers and recyclers, we can verify and test the behaviour of packaging and products on the market in REAL RECYCLING PROCESSES, as well as the characteristics of packaging and products in the prototyping phase.

We have the collaboration of laboratories to test the behaviour of packaging characteristics in recycling processes, on a laboratory scale.

We also offer services to improve eco-design by analysing the life cycle of products and/or packaging and advice on how to communicate the environmental benefits of products and packaging, avoiding greenwashing.